List of Compositions | Major Projects


「Avaritia」for Big Band (Doshisha Third Hard Orchestra)

「Gen-Pei Chronicle」for French horn, Narrator and Piano (Nobuaki Fukukawa)

「Short stories for Shakuhachi and Shamisen」(Hidejiro Honjo/Akihito Obama)

「A Little Jazz Mass」(Saint Peter's Church NYC)

「Limonium」for Orchestra (Tokyo Opera City)

Produce/Arrangement for WDR Big Band feat. Theo Bleckmann

Director for DR Big Band feat. Marilyn Mazur, Metropole Orkest feat. China Moses, La Folle Journée au Japon with Siena Wind Orchestra, and more


「AURORISM!」 for Wind symphony (Aurora Wind Orchestra)

「Wherever This Road Leads」 for Owen Broder Ensemble

「Planned Work」 for Wind symphony (YAMAHA Symphonic Band)

「As Always」for Big band (Stella Jam)

「In Pursuit Of」for Big band (Ashley Bouder Project)

「Dawn in Retiro」for Atsuki Yoshida EMO strings

「"New" An American In Paris」for Wind symphony (Panda Wind Orchestra)

Tokyo JAZZ "Celebration!" Project for Danish Radio Big Band, Treme Brass Band, Terumasa Hino, Lee Konitz, Yosuke Yamashita, Lee Ritenour and Cory Henry

The MONK centennial project for Metropole Orkest

Arrangement for Tatsuro Yamashita, Jamie Baum, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and more


「The Intersection」for Big band (Junko Onishi)

「ANDROMEDA」for Big band (Keio Light Music Society)

「Distorted Wheel, Go On And On」for Shamisen (Hidejiro Honjo)

「Tokage-Umigame-Chameleon」for Strings, Drums and Reeds (Asuka Kaneko/Pheeroan akLaff Project)

「Letter from Saturn」for French Horn and Piano (Nobuaki Fukukawa)

Arrangement for Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andrew Litton, Naruyoshi Kikuchi, and more


「Double Cello Concerto No.1」for 2 Cellos and Symphony (Salina Symphony)

「For O -theme and variations-」for 6 Percussionists (Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble)

「Saxophone Sonata No.1」for Alto saxophone and Piano (Nobuya Sugawa)

「CHIMERA」for String quartet (Morgaua Quartet)

Maiden Voyage Project for Big band (Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra)

Arrangement for Terumasa Hino, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Ron Wasserman, and more


「Age of Discovery」for Wind symphony (YAMAHA Symphonic Band)

「Delta Librae」for Marimba and Piano (Noriko Tsukagoshi)

「Saxophone Sonata No.2」for Alto saxophone and Piano (Kota Odashima)

JP Jofre/Miho Hazama Project tour

Arrangement for Raul Midon, Gregory Porter, Siena Wind Orchestra, and more

~ 2013

「Space in senses」for Orchestra and 2 Pianos (Yosuke Yamashita and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra)

「Mr. O -wind symphony version-」for Wind symphony (Siena Wind Orchestra)

「March of Venus」for Wind symphony

「The American Suite」for Marimba, Soprano saxophone and Upright bass (Noriko Tsukagoshi)

「Beyond the Sparkling Ocean」for Flute and Loop machine (Kazushi Saito)

「Beyond TOKI」for Wind symphony (TOKI wind symphony)

「Dance of Wicked Angels」for Wind symphony (Band Ishin)

「Suite Four Seasons」for Euphonium-Tuba quartet

「For Four」for Saxophone quartet

「HAYATE」for Saxophone quartet

NHK 「Lunch no Akko chan」Soundtrack

Arrangement for Yosuke Yamashita, Shiro Sagisu, Ayaka Hirahara, Ruben Hein, Akira Inoue, PAC orchestra, and more